Reporting and Transparency

Ecosia does not operate behind closed doors. We publish our financial reports monthly, as well as frequent updates from our tree planting projects and partners, so our users can see what happens with our income and where and how their trees are going in the ground.

Financial reports

We value transparency and publish monthly financial reports so you can see exactly how much money we make and how much we spend on planting trees. In these reports you’ll find all of the projects we’ve supported that month, thanks to people like you!

Screenshot of the october financial reports from the Ecosia blog

Regeneration reports

Every year we publish a Regeneration Report. Think of it as a sustainability report that goes multiple steps further. 

Our regeneration reports are audited by ClimatePartner. With their help and supervision, we outline how much CO2 we emit, how much we capture, and how much we prevent from being emitted in the first place. 

While the trees we’ve planted sequester huge amounts of carbon dioxide, we do not use them to offset emissions. Instead, we try not to generate emissions in the first place, offset those that are unavoidable with high-quality carbon credits, and generate twice as much renewable energy than what is required to power Ecosia searches. 

Our reports

Digital Service Act reporting

In compliance with the European Union's (EU) Digital Services Act (DSA), we disclose our average number of monthly active users (MAU) within the EU. As a privacy-focused search engine, we are limited to counting users who have opted in to our analytical cookies. As of today, our estimated EU MAU stands at 3.4 million as of February 2024.

Digital Services Act Contact Information

Users can reach us through the pop-up contact on the help center or via Ecosia’s legal representative for the EU’s Digital Services Act and any other regulatory authority or issue is:

  • Name: Ecosia 
  • Address: Ecosia GmbH, Gerichtstrasse 23, 13347 Berlin, Germany
  • Email:
  • Subject: Request on Digital Service Act

EU ‘P2B’ Platform to Business Regulation

In compliance with the EU’s P2B Regulation (EU 2019/1150) this page sets out how our search results are structured: 

Note: Ecosia does not provide any preferential treatment to its own services in our search result rankings. A full explanation of our search results can be found here.

  1. Organic links and embedded images originate from our syndication partners Microsoft Bing and Google. Guidance on Bing's content ranking methodology is available in their Webmaster Guidelines under the section titled "How Bing ranks your content" and for Google in their ‘Ranking results’ page, in ‘How Search Works’. Users can also report specific links or advertisements they wish to be removed by Ecosia here or by contacting
  2. Sponsored links: We display sponsored links, or advertisements, from our syndication partners’ respective advertising platforms which are clearly labeled as ads. Ecosia receives no other compensation to influence our search rankings. Further information regarding how Ecosia generates revenue from ads or how to advertise on Ecosia can be found on our Help Center. We endeavor to provide a safe and fast browsing experience. For this reason, the Ecosia app has a built-in ad blocking feature that blocks intrusive or spam ads so that users only see acceptable non-intrusive ads that help us plant trees. 
  3. Instant Responses: We add features and relevant information from specialized sources to improve our search results. The list of our current sources for instant answers and features can be found here. 
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