How does Ecosia make money?

Wondering how we turn your searches into trees? This article gives an overview of how we make money to finance climate action and plant trees where they are needed most.

Ad click revenue

Like other search engines, we make money when people click on the ads shown in our search results. We earn a few cents from advertisers for every ad click and dedicate 100% of our profits towards climate action. 

The amount we earn per ad click varies depending on several factors, including how highly advertisers value the search term. For example, popular search terms like "bank account" will often show a lot of ads. In these cases, we may earn more money per ad click compared with search terms like "sticky notes" which aren’t as highly valued by advertisers. 

Screenshot of Ecosia search results page with advertisement highlighted
Clicking on this ad will help finance climate action

You can see exactly how much money we make and how much is spent on planting trees in our monthly financial reports.

The Tree Store

Through the Ecosia Tree Store, people can buy trees to support specific projects in our portfolio. We offer different packages: trees for wildlife, trees for climate action, or the impact bundle to support a range of projects. 

The money we make from sales on the store is added to our tree fund and allocated to the projects across our portfolio. Check out our financial reports to see where we’re planting trees each month. 

Screenshot of Website page Ecosia Tree Plant
In the Ecosia Tree Store your purchase helps to plant trees where they are needed most.


Does Ecosia accept direct donations? 

While we love that you are offering your support, Ecosia does not accept donations as we are not considered a charitable organization but a purpose organization.

Additionally, some of the trusted reforestation partners we work with do accept donations. If you would like to make a donation directly to one of these organizations you are welcome to reach out to them. Their details can be found on the Ecosia blog.

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