How does Ecosia make money?

Just like other search engines, Ecosia makes money each time someone clicks on one of the ads displayed in the search results. 

The ads we show come through the Microsoft Bing advertising network and are clearly labeled as ads. We earn a few cents for every ad click and put 100% of our profits towards climate action. 

How much do you earn per ad click?

The amount we earn per ad click varies depending on a number of factors, including how highly advertisers value the search term. For example, popular search terms like "bank account" often have lots of advertisers wishing to show ads. In these cases we may earn more money per ad click compared with ad clicks for search terms like "sticky notes". 

How many searches does it take to plant a tree?

The amount of searches it takes to plant a tree varies, depending on when you search, where you search from, and what you search for. For example, in Germany a person using Ecosia on their laptop takes approximately 50 searches to plant a tree.

What if I never click on ads?

That's fine, every additional user makes Ecosia more attractive to advertisers. The best way to support our mission is to use Ecosia like you would use any other search engine.

How do I know you’re planting trees?

You can see exactly how much money we make and how much is spent on planting trees in our monthly financial reports, as well as our monthly tree updates on Youtube.

Other ways Ecosia makes money

We sell merchandise like T-shirts and hoodies on the Ecosia Store, and we have a Tree Store where you can purchase trees to help a specific cause. You can also help plant trees by using Ecosia Shopping.

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