Sponsored Links

Sponsored links on the Ecosia browser are links to partner shops that contribute money to Ecosia’s planting projects whenever you make a purchase from them. Here you can find more information about the Sponsored Links feature on the Ecosia desktop browser.

This feature is available on the Ecosia desktop browser only. For other browsers, we recommend installing Ecosia’s freetree extension

Screenshot of Ecosia New tab page, where one can see the setup, including 6 sponsored links pages like Amazon, Patagonia, and more.
Sponsored links activated on the Ecosia browser.

When you click on one of the Sponsored links, we will direct you to the shop. This unique link will communicate to the website that you came through Ecosia, and if you make a purchase during that browsing session, a portion of it will go to our planting projects.  

All you need to do, to use our Sponsored links to give back to the climate, is use one of the links on your homepage to go to one of the shops in the program. The contribution will be activated automatically as you land on the shop and from there you just shop normally and we take care of the rest!

The amount of the contribution is unique to each shop. The contribution can be either a percentage of the sum of your purchase or an exact sum, depending on the shop and its agreement with Ecosia.

How we select sponsored shops

Ecosia tries to provide a balance between shops that are popular and therefore relevant to the highest amount of users, and ones that are more sustainable and ecological.

We are working on making it possible for users to also dismiss some shops from the Sponsored Links according to their preferences.

Absolutely, we always protect the personal data of our users. With Sponsored links, we don’t use any third-party cookies to track your purchase and none of your information is shared with the shops. We also prioritize partner shops that don’t need to use cookies for the Sponsored links contributions to work.

All the profits from the Sponsored links program go to climate action, just like 100% of Ecosia’s profits in general. To find out more about how much we spend and on what, you can check out our Financial Reports.

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