Freetree extension

To help you plant trees while shopping online, Ecosia introduced freetree. Freetree is a Chrome browser extension that lets you plant trees while you shop online - with just one click. 

How to use the freetree extension?

The freetree extension will give a notification when you are shopping in one of our many partner shops. As soon as you have added the freetree extension to your browser, freetree automatically shows you which shop you can plant free trees with. Here is an example: Let’s say you surf the net and go to the page. Then freetree will appear all by itself and give you the option of planting trees with your purchase on - with just one click.

If you click on “I want to plant trees for free”, you'll activate freetree and trees will be planted through your purchase. Freetree will also tell you immediately after your click, whether the activation has been successful.

So far, we have over 40.000 partner shops, you can find the full list of all freetree partner shops here. Online Shops that want to be part of freetree can reach out to

You can find more information as well as a list of FAQs on the freetree website. 

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