Content and ad removal requests on Ecosia

At Ecosia, we work with a range of search providers to deliver search results and ads, primarily from Google and Bing Microsoft, to our users. We’re not able to remove inappropriate content, advertisements or personal information ourselves, only our search partners can. The article explains how submit removal requests directly to them.

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If you want to flag content directly to Ecosia for us to forward it to our search partners, please send a screenshot including the search term, search region and the content link to report to, subject “Report search result” or submit a report via the contact form here on the help center.

Identify your search result provider

The search results and search related ads on Ecosia come from our search partners Microsoft Bing and Google. Which partner your search results come from depends on your geographical location, the type of device you are using and which permissions you have given for setting cookies. 

You can check which search providers are available to you at any time in the Settings page. If both providers are available in your location, you can also select one as your own preference. You may need to adjust your cookie settings to be able to choose Google as your preference but we'll ask you first to confirm.

Select your preferred search provider

Submit a request to remove personal information 

As Ecosia’s results originate from Google and Microsoft, we do not have the ability to remove organic search results. As content removal requests are handled by our search partners, you will need to request removal with them.

Please note that Ecosia does not control the content that websites publish. To make sure content is removed from search results, your best option is to contact the webmaster for the website that published the content and request that it be deleted or removed. Even if Ecosia removes the URL from search results, it will continue to exist and can be discovered by going directly to the web address until the webmaster or website removes the content.

  • A website's contact info is often located on the website itself.
  • You can look up a website's domain provider through services like

Report inappropriate organic search content

Organic search content are results displayed on the results page and which are not clearly marked as advertisements. If you have encountered an inappropriate organic search result please report directly to the relevant search provider. 

Report ads on Ecosia

Advertisements on Ecosia are clearly highlighted with an ‘Ad’ icon. You can report advertisement directly to us by hovering over the “Ad” icon and selecting “Report this ad”

Screenshot of advertisement and report this ad function

Our ads are provided by our search partners. If the ad also appears on Google or Bing you can report directly to them: 

Report copyright infringement

To report copyright infringement you can submit a request to our search partners for removal.

Report inaccurate information on Ecosia

Besides organic search results and advertisements at Ecosia, we display information including data from 3rd party sources within our results page. If we do, the data source is displayed below. Depending on the source we are able to support you or you can reach out directly to the data provider to request adjustments. 

Screenshot of Ecosia travel as an example of Omio highlighted as data provider.
Example of 3rd party data provider
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