Ecosia Search settings

Ecosia has a range of settings that can help improve your search experience. 

Please note that this article only covers the Ecosia search engine settings, and will not address both browser settings and Ecosia app settings.

How to access your Ecosia settings

On desktop devices, go to the menu icon on the top right of the Ecosia homepage and select Settings.

On the Ecosia mobile apps, you will first need to conduct a search, or visit to see the page below. 

Image showing how to access Ecosia settings page.

Alternatively, you can select Settings from underneath the search bar. You may need to swipe slightly to the right to see it on mobile.

Image showing how to access the settings underneath the search bar

Image showing all Ecosia settings.

Ecosia Search settings are saved using a browser cookie. If you clear your browser’s internet cookies you may need to go back into Ecosia’s settings and choose the options you want.

Customize your Ecosia Search settings

The following settings can be changed within Ecosia:

Search region

This setting controls the region that your search results will come from. To ensure that you receive results relevant to your location, we advise setting this option to your current location, or the region you would like results for.

We aim to offer a wider range of search regions so that our users around the world can find what they are looking for on Ecosia. Please note that we inherit search regions from our search providers, hence are limited in what we can provide.

Website language

Changing this setting will alter the language of the Ecosia website. Please note that your search results will still be provided from the search region you have selected in the previous setting. 

We aim to offer a wider range of languages so that our users around the world can use Ecosia in their language. Please note that we inherit search regions from our search providers, hence are limited in what we can provide.

For Ecosia mobile app users: App language settings are set within the settings of your device.

Preferred search provider

After selecting your cookie preferences, you will be prompted to indicate your preferred search engine from options including Google, Bing, or opting for no preference. You can find more information about how to manage cookies in our article called What are cookies and how do I manage them?.

Safe search

Within Ecosia Search settings, you can set safe search to moderate or strict to help filter out adult content. When set to “strict” or “moderate”, this setting filters out adult content from search results. 


Ecosia is automatically set to either the light or the dark mode, according to your browser settings.

However, you can choose which mode you’d like to use Ecosia on and can switch between light and dark mode at any time.

Image showing the dark theme setting

Image showing the light theme setting

New tab

Select this option if you want searches from your browser's address bar to open a new tab.

Auto suggestions

Select this option if you want the search bar to automatically give you search suggestions as you are typing. 

Personalized search results

Select this option if you would like to receive more relevant results based on your past search activity on Ecosia. 

Users who wish to have a more privacy-lean option should leave this result unticked. 

You can find out more in the related articles section linked at the very bottom of this page!


Select this option to keep up to date with news about your trees.

Save your Ecosia Search settings permanently

Most browsers offer the option to allow selected websites to store cookies. Here are some instructions for the most common browsers you can use Ecosia with. 
Select your browser:
For other browsers you can try the following steps:
  1. Open the settings of your browser, go to the section about cookies and history (usually in advanced settings) and choose manage exceptions. 
  2. Add in the empty field on the left and save or click or done. 
  3. Go to your Ecosia settings in the Ecosia Menu in the top right corner and choose your preferred settings. 
  4. Click save, to permanently save your Ecosia settings!
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