Advertising on Ecosia

Ecosia has around 15 million users. Two thirds of them are located in either France or Germany. People between 20 and 30 years of age living in larger cities are over represented groups. And we have slightly more female users than male ones. What all of them share is their interest for environmental topics.

If your target customers fits into that bucket – how can you reach them online?


Set up a Bing account

Log in to create your own Bing Ads


Create an ad campaign

Create your campaign and select target locations.


Select keywords

Enter target keywords that will trigger your ad.



Create ad

Define text and links to be shown in your ad.



Focus your campaign to the Partner Network, including Ecosia

Set your ad distribution under “Advanced Settings”. Check “Bing, AOL and Yahoo! Syndicated Partners Only”. Uncheck all the other options.



Launch campaign

Your ads will now run on Bing and its entire Syndicated Partner Network.


Focus campaign on Ecosia

Check your campaign once your ads have served a few impressions. Navigate to the “Dimensions” tab on your “Campaign Dashboard”.

Select “Publisher Website” to see all the search partners showing your ads. Export that list and copy all the URLs except “Ecosia” and "Bing and Yahoo Search Properties Only" (which you cannot delete).

Now, navigate to your Campaign settings. Open up “Exclusions” under “Advanced Settings”. Paste your list of URLs into that box and save.


Have a suggestion for how to improve advertising on Ecosia? Please submit your feedback directly to Microsoft through the Bing advertising forum, which is reviewed and prioritized by Microsoft engineers regularly. 

What are the advantages of advertising on Ecosia?

As an advertiser, spending a portion of your ad spend on Ecosia is one of the most planet positive marketing activities you can do. 100% of Ecosia’s profits go towards climate action, with 80% directly into tree planting and the rest into green investments like our solar farms.

Ecosia currently has 15 million monthly active users, which represents one of the largest collectives of people taking action to tackle climate change. Ecosia’s audience is unique. We skew younger than other search engines, with a highly motivated users who lean towards purpose driven, ethical businesses.

What do advertisers say?

“Our acquisition cost is 15-20% lower at Ecosia compared to Google.”
Naturstrom AG (One of Germany’s Top 3 Renewable Energy Providers)

“We found CPC to be just one third of what we pay at Google. And, CTR at Ecosia is 5x higher than that of Bing itself.”
Triodos Bank (Europe’s biggest ethical bank)

“Depending on the key word, we found that CPC was 3-4x higher at Google than at Ecosia. For a small company trying to get started that makes a big difference.”
SIRPLUS (Berlin Food Startup)

“Ecosia users provide 20-40% better quality traffic to our site than Google does, measured by parameters like pages per session or bounce rate.”
JobRad (German mobility pioneer)

“Cost per Click at Ecosia is almost just half of what it is at Google.”
Large Environmental NGO

"Our CPA (cost per acquisition) is less than 30% of what it is for Bing. In terms of online advertising effectiveness Ecosia is second to none."
Soulbottles (Green and social business about waste reduction and clean water)

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