What is Treecard?

Treecard is a company dedicated to creating easy ways to fight the climate crisis. Their flagship product is an eco-friendly debit card that dedicates 80% of profits earned from merchant transaction fees into planting trees. Every $50 you spend with your Treecard, you help plant one tree.  

Each Treecard is made from sustainably sourced cherry wood and recycled plastic bottles, making it a planet-friendly alternative to a plastic card.

Treecard also has a step-counter, called Walk to Plant, which plants trees every 10,000 steps you take. Treecard uses brand sponsorships to fund these trees, advertising eco-brands in their rewards section. 

What is Ecosia’s relationship with Treecard?

Ecosia provided seed-funding for Treecard and is Treecard’s official planting partner. 

At Ecosia, we want to empower everyone to tackle the climate crisis. One way we can do that is by supporting innovative tools that help people to be climate active every day. Since debit cards, like search engines, can generate a lot of money, our investment in Treecard will help us plant even more trees.

We plant trees with a proportion of Treecard’s profits, plus a tree each time someone new signs up or refers a friend. 

Treecard is now one of the organizations supported by World Fund, Europe’s largest climate tech VC fund that was established in October 2021.

When can I get Treecard’s debit card?

Treecard is currently only available in the US, but plans to launch in the UK and EU in the future. Stay tuned on their website and social media for announcements! You can register your interest via Treecard's website.

I have further questions about my Treecard

Ecosia and Treecard are separate teams and so if you have any questions related to your Treecard account, or if you are curious to learn more about Treecard, please visit Treecard’s FAQs or contact hello@treecard.org directly.

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