The Ecosia Tree Store

The Ecosia Tree Store is an online store, but all you can buy is a better future.

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Making a purchase

First, pick the items that are closest to your heart. You can choose between; trees for wildlife, trees for climate action or the impact bundle to support a range of projects. 

Next, enter the name of who you’re gifting trees to and you’ll receive a beautiful personalized certificate that highlights your chosen cause and the number of trees planted.

Whether you buy trees for yourself, your planet, or a loved one, they'll make a meaningful difference for many years to come.


Each package has a self-print certificate which will be sent to your email address after the purchase. Depending on your language selection in the shop, the certificate will be in either English, French or German.

The certificate can be customized and you can decide who will contribute to our planting projects.

Screenshot of certificate and where you can put in a customized name

Ecosia Tree Store FAQs

Please notice that the purchase at the Ecosia tree store is not tax deductible as Ecosia is not a charitable organization. 

We also answer multiple questions on the Ecosia Tree Store’s FAQs

If you’re having trouble ordering through the Ecosia Tree Store you can send an email to and one of the team will be in touch to help you resolve any issues.

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