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What’s the Ecosia Tree Store?

It's an online store, but all you can buy is a better future.

Here's how it works: first, pick the items that are closest to your heart. You can choose between; trees for wildlife, trees for climate action or the impact bundle to support a range of projects. 

Next, enter the name of who you’re gifting trees to and you’ll receive a beautiful personalized certificate that highlights your chosen cause and the number of trees planted. Depending on your language selection in the shop, the certificate will be in either English, French or German. 

Whether you buy trees for yourself, your planet, or a loved one, they'll make a meaningful difference for many years to come.

When and where will my trees be planted?

We’re currently working with over 70 tree-planting partners in more than 35 countries around the world. Primarily focusing on the planet’s biodiversity hotspots and areas facing deforestation, we grow over 500 different native species where they are needed most. 

Whether you choose trees for wildlife, trees for climate action or the impact bundle, your contribution will support a diverse range of projects which serve a unique purpose for the local communities and climate. From protecting orangutan habitat in Indonesia, to fighting desertification in Burkina Faso, to restoring the Earth’s lungs in the Brazilian rainforest, your trees are having an impact!

Because the tree-planting season varies from project to project, keep an eye on our financial reports to see when and where Ecosia trees are being planted.

For more information about your trees, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, or read our blog.

How does this work as a gift for someone else?

After you’ve completed your purchase, we’ll email you a beautiful (and printable) certificate that highlights your cause and the number of trees you bought. Our new and improved certificates now make it possible to add your gift receiver’s name, and will be delivered in either English, French or German depending on your language selection in the store. It makes a great gift! Email it to a friend or loved one, print it and stash it in a card, throw a paper airplane at your crush — it’s up to you! 

Do you offer corporate gifting?

Trees are an excellent and affordable alternative to the consumption madness of the holiday season. Celebrate your team by giving back to the planet!
Organizations looking for staff gifts have the  same gifting options as individual gift givers in our store. You can personalize each certificate with a company, team or employee name, and depending on your language selection in the store, the certificates will be delivered by email in either English, French or German. 
If you have any questions, please get in touch by emailing, and remember to include  your order number if you require an invoice for company purchases. 
Please note that Ecosia trees cannot be used for offsetting emissions, and cannot be purchased as a charitable donation. 

How is the tree price determined?

Every tree-planting project is unique, so the cost to plant a tree varies from project to project.  Our price is an average, and covers tree planting, tree monitoring, and the maintenance of our online store.

While our tree price is competitive, we do not plant cheap monocultures, preferring native and biodiverse forests. We check on your trees using satellite technology, geo-tagged photos and field visits, and work with local communities on eye-level to make sure your trees survive. 

How can I get a refund?

We have a 30-day refund policy, which means you have 30 days after making your purchase to request a refund.

To be eligible for a refund you’ll need to provide the receipt or proof of purchase.

To begin requesting a refund, you can contact us at If your refund is accepted, we will contact you and you'll be automatically refunded on your original payment method within 3-5 working days. Please remember it can take some time for your bank or credit card company to process the refund.

Can I track my own trees?

The trees that you gift with Ecosia will be part of our reforestation projects around the world, depending on the impact you wanted to make. We are not yet able to track the individual trees you’re contributing to our efforts, but to stay up to date with Ecosia’s reforestation projects, please follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube!

Where does my money go?

Your payment will be added to our tree fund (parked at ethical banks GLS and Triodos) that will be used to plant trees with our thoroughly vetted partner projects.

What payment options do you accept?

The Ecosia Tree Store accepts most major payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Maestro as well as electronic payment methods such as Google and Apple pay.

Please note that payments through Sofort can take a number of working days to process. 

Will there be any recurring payments?

Nope! Your gift is a one-time purchase with no additional fees or recurring subscription costs.

How can I plant more trees? 

We appreciate your enthusiasm and are grateful for your support. If you’d like to plant additional trees, you are welcome to gift trees for another cause. Remember you can always help plant trees across our projects by searching with Ecosia and buying merchandise from our shop.

I have a question about my order

If you’re having trouble ordering through the Ecosia Tree Store you can send an email to and one of the team will be in touch to help you resolve any issues.

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