Technical Support Guides

Ecosia is a multi-provider search engine, a mobile browser with apps on android and iOS, as well as it's own browser. With Ecosia you can be climate active every day, however you decide to use it! Here you can find useful technical guides, troubleshooting steps and tips to use Ecosia. 

Using Ecosia Search

Tips and tricks on Ecosia search settings, search operators and our green search features.

Guides for Ecosia on mobile

Tips and tricks for navigating our apps on iOS and android.

Guides for Ecosia Browser

Tips and tricks for navigating the Ecosia Browser, the greenest browser on Earth.

Guide for Ecosia AI Chat

Our Chat AI can help you be more climate active every day.

Technical guides for making Ecosia default in organisations

Organisations can plant trees with Ecosia. Find out how to switch in our IT-admin guidelines.

Can't find what you are looking for? Contact us and request guidelines or instructions from our technical support team.

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