Why aren’t my search results relevant to my location?

The first time you search on Ecosia we try to determine where in the world you’re searching from, so that we can provide you with relevant search results. 

If we don’t correctly detect where you’re searching from automatically, you can change your search region to another location from Ecosia’s settings, or below the search bar. 

If you select a different search region from where you are geographically located, clearing your internet cookies will reset the search region back to your geo-location or current VPN connection. Find out how to prevent your settings from resetting by following this link.

As we’re a privacy friendly search engine we do not know where you live or what you had for breakfast. The only way we can determine which country you’re searching from is by the location of your IP address.

If you have your search region set to the US you may see results from business in states not close to your location. It is also possible that if you’re searching in Portuguese you may see results for both Brazil and Portugal. 

You can always include more information in your search query to help you to find relevant results for example, “garden center, boston, ma”.

If your search region is not available please bear with us as we are constantly working on offering tailored results for more geo locations.

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