Ecosia for Teams

Ecosia makes it easy for your company to plant trees, engage employees with climate action, and have a positive impact on wildlife, communities and the planet! 🌍

We’re free to use and any company can set us as their default search engine. So what are you waiting for? Follow these steps and encourage your colleagues to start planting trees, right from their desks! 

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Organizations under 2,000 employees

Help your team plant trees and be climate active every day by sharing this unique link to download the Ecosia browser extension -

On Chrome, Firefox and Edge, this link brings you straight to the extension store where you can download Ecosia and make it your new default search engine.

You can share this link in a company-wide email, over Slack, or an internal forum, alongside our explainer video to highlight the benefits of using Ecosia. The Ecosia blog and our financial reports are also great resources to share with your team to find out more about our tree-planting projects.

We're not currently able to individually track the impact of organizations smaller than 2,000 employees, but we're looking to develop exciting new features in the future to make this possible. To help us to learn more about the impact of the companies using us, please share the unique link to download the Ecosia extension with your team!

Organizations with over 2,000 employees

Hundreds of companies around the world use Ecosia to engage employees with climate action and help reforest the planet. Making Ecosia your company’s default search engine is a free and a simple task for IT. And we’re here to help, so you can start planting trees in no time. 

Let us know if you’re planning to use Ecosia by selecting “Apply here” and we’ll be in touch to support you. 

For organizations with over 2,000 employees we share a monthly tree report via email to show the positive impact of your team's searches. The number of trees cannot be used for formal sustainability reporting but is a great way to keep your team informed and engaged.

We’ve found that large companies often follow these key steps:

Step 1: Gather support

Share Ecosia with the relevant stakeholders and inspire them to make a positive change. It’s important to involve the right people from the start. Primarily IT, your sustainability team and in some cases C-level executives. 

Ecosia works like any other search engine, but greener. We use 100% of our profits for the planet, our solar plants generate enough energy to power all Ecosia searches twice over, and we provide tools that help people make greener choices. 

When employees search with Ecosia, we earn ad revenue, and 100% of those profits get reinvested into tree-planting, renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, and more. It’s the simplest way for your team to be climate active every day and compliments your organization’s sustainability goals, plus it’s free!

The Ecosia blog and YouTube channel are great places to find out more about Ecosia and our tree-planting projects. We regularly share updates on these channels and publish monthly financial reports, so that everyone can see how much money we make and the tree-planting projects that you can support by making us your company default. 

Download this general deck about Ecosia which highlights the benefits of switching to an eco-friendly search engine. Share this with the relevant stakeholders in your IT and sustainability team so your company can start planting trees where they are needed most. 

You can also download our logo and photos from our projects from our press page

Step 2: Data and security review

Like with any new software Ecosia may need to be reviewed by your company’s data security team. Submit a request and ask them to review our privacy policy and terms of service which outline our data-lean approach.

We are one of the most privacy friendly search engines in the world. We never store any personal information on our users and permanently anonymise the data we process. As we simply do not hold any personal information on our users, nor do we require people to login or download an extension, it usually does not take long for data security officers to review Ecosia for use at a company.

Please send an email to if you have any specific questions regarding data and privacy and we’ll be on hand to support. 

Step 3: Run a trial

We recommend running a trial together with your IT team to show the impact of using Ecosia. Our technical guides explain how to set Ecosia using Windows group policies, which are commonly used by IT administrators to control browser settings.

Your IT team can set Ecosia as the default for a small number of devices to initially gather some data. Once the trial period is complete you’ll be able to show the impact of your searches and inspire a company-wide roll out to take place! It’s important to work closely with IT as they are ultimately the people who can help your company plant a lot of trees with Ecosia. Collaborating together to run a trial is the best way to inspire a company-wide switch to Ecosia.  

Step 4: Measure your performance

We provide a monthly tree report to companies with over 2,000 employees. To receive a report your IT team will need to follow our technical guides and request a reporting code by completing this application form

Once your IT team receives from us a reporting code, implementation is easy. And it’s of course a privacy-friendly way to measure your impact with Ecosia.

A graph showing the number of searches and estimates trees planted by an organization
A graph showing the total number of searches and estimated trees planted by an organization

Please note that the number of trees that we share cannot be used for formal sustainability reporting as it is simply an estimate made based on your number of searches. The report helps keep employees engaged and a way to see their collective impact with Ecosia. 

We can send a report to a maximum of three people at each organization. Once your IT team have configured Ecosia, let us know the stakeholders you would like your reports to go to. 

Get in touch with us

If you have any questions about making Ecosia the default at your company or would like to book a call to discuss, please send an email to Alternatively you can contact us via the chat bot by selecting “Use Ecosia at your workplace” and our dedicated support team will be in touch.

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