Renewable energy counter

Designed for you and built for the planet, the Ecosia Browser provides an easy way for you to be climate active every day and contribute to accelerating the transition to renewable energy.

Using the Ecosia browser to contribute to renewable energy

“The Ecosia Browser marks the world’s first browser to generate green energy. Building on our existing strategy of producing enough renewable energy to power all searches twice over, we’re committing to generate an additional 25Wh of clean energy per user each day they browse — enough to power a lightbulb for three hours.”

This is the commitment we’re making! We will count how many people use the Ecosia browser for how many days, and will invest into regenerative energy production accordingly. This means you’ll transform all your online activity into a lasting impact on renewables.

Renewable energy powered by Ecosia

Since 2017, Ecosia invested over 20 Million into renewable energy to counter fossil fuel dependency.

Initially we started building our own solar panels, to power our searches with renewable energy. Soon after, Ecosia became 200% renewable and is now actively crowding out fossil fuels from the energy system. 

Like our tree-planting activities, we work together with partners in the sector to build and scale our renewable energy impact: 

  • In Rottenbach, Germany, we operate ground-mounted solar systems with our partner Naturstrom AG. There we not only produce electricity but include permaculture practices on the premises, to offer habitats to a large variety of species. 
  • Together with Frankfurt-based solar developer Envira we built and own a portfolio of commercial-scale rooftop solar systems.
  • We invested into Zolar, a German based energy pioneer, enabling the building of 1,300 solar home systems. These systems allow end-consumers to produce their own electricity, and decentralise the energy system in Germany. 
  • We have provided funding for the solar start up Ecoligo, which is developing solar energy projects via crowd-investing in the Global South. There, solar energy often replaces diesel generators, likely the most polluting form of electricity generation. 

Tree-planting is our main priority, but we also support other climate initiatives, like transitioning to renewable energy or supporting agroforestry. You can learn more about our climate impact projects - besides tree-planting - on our blog.

How does the energy counter work?

Simple: the more you browse with Ecosia, the more we’ll invest into renewable energy sources. You start having an impact from the first day you are browsing with Ecosia. For every subsequent day that you use the Ecosia Browser, we will add 25Wh to your individual energy counter.

Screenshot of Browser Energy Counter: With 25Wh
Powered by the sun! Browsing with Ecosia is a contribution to renewable energy

Screenshot of browser homepage with all counters
Energy counter below the community tree counter and financial investments on the Ecosia browser
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