Setting up the Ecosia desktop browser

Getting started with the Ecosia Desktop browser can be done in a few steps. This article will show you how to import your personal data from your previous browser and how to set the Ecosia Desktop browser as default.

Importing data from another browser through the home page

When you start the Ecosia desktop browser for the first time you should see a card right below the logo. By clicking on this card you can start the process of importing history, bookmarks, passwords, and other information from your previous browser.

Using the drop-down menu, choose the browser and profile you would like to import from. Then, choose the data you want to import. Once you are done, click on import.

The process should not take more than 20 seconds. Once it is done your Ecosia browser should be ready to get started.

Click on the card.

Choose which setting you want to import and click on the import button.

Click on done.

Importing data from another browser through the browser settings

If you’ve dismissed the card by accident or if you wish to import the settings from another browser you can do so at any time from the browser settings.

  1. Open Settings within the Ecosia Browser - If you are using a Mac you can also find  Ecosia’s settings by clicking on Settings
  2. Navigate to the section You and Ecosia Browser
  3. Select the data you want to import and confirm by clicking on "import"
  4. You can repeat the import process with other browsers or other profiles

Open settings.

Navigate to

Select data you want to import and click the import button.

How to set the Ecosia browser as the default

When you open the browser or a new tab, you will be prompted to set the Ecosia Browser as default at the top bar. By clicking on that button you can set the browser as your new default.

A prompt will show up for setting Ecosia as the default at the top bar upon opening.

Alternatively, you can set the Ecosia browser as default at any time from the browser settings by entering the section Default Browser and clicking on "Accept".

The default browser option can be done any time from the browser settings.


FAQs and troubleshooting steps

Which operating system is the Ecosia browser compatible with?

To use the Ecosia browser you need:

  • Windows 10 or later
  • macOS Catalina 10.15 or later

The Ecosia browser installer has been detected by your antivirus software

If your antivirus software, such as MacAfee or Kaspersky, detects the Ecosia browser installer, please be assured that we've encountered this issue before and have resolved it for these specific antivirus programs. If you experience this with another antivirus software, please let us know at

I see a Error message about an image file being corrupted

If you encounter this issue, it may be due to your device not meeting the operating system requirements, particularly on macOS devices. Please check if your operating system can be updated to macOS Catalina 10.15 or later.

The download is not automatically opening on my Mac

If the downloaded installer is packed in a .zip file, Safari users will have it automatically unpacked. However, users of other browsers will need to manually unpack it from their downloads folder.

I do not see the New Tab Page on my Windows device

During the installation of the desktop browser, all necessary files, including the extension for the New tab page, are fetched. However, on slower devices, the browser may execute before the extensions have been fully fetched. This could result in the New Tab Page not being visible initially but should appear when opening a new tab.

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