Ecosia Chat

The Ecosia AI Chat can help you be more climate active every day. The chatbot is powered by OpenAI, but your queries are not used to train the AI model. The chatbot can answer questions, help you with daily tasks, or produce content for you. As with all language model AIs, the Ecosia Chat can ‘hallucinate’ which means it can give answers that are incorrect, misleading or even made up, so please fact check answers that chat is giving. We encourage you to discover all the ways Ecosia Chat can benefit you by testing its capabilities yourself!

This feature is limited to certain markets. We’re planning to make it available to more users in the future. 

How to get started with Ecosia Chat

You can find the Ecosia Chat in the navigation bar above your search results if it’s available in your location.

Click on AI Chat

From here, the Ecosia Chat will open in a separate window.

In order to use the AI chat, you need to first agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Please note that since Ecosia Chat is powered by Chatpgpt, information you share in the chat will be sent to OpenAI. We will, however, not share any of your personal data with them. 

You can switch between green answers and standard answers in Ecosia Chat. The green answers option will provide you with answers that focus more on sustainability and giving you.


How can I report conversations?

You can report inaccurate, offensive or otherwise unhelpful answers from the  Ecosia Chat through the feedback question in the AI Chat page. 

Why does the AI get some things wrong?

As a generative language AI, the Ecosia Chat is not always able to give you the most up to date information and can produce incorrect, inaccurate, or incomplete answers. This is due to the nature of the AI model which creates answers based on existing patterns of language from its sources. It cannot verify the accuracy of the resulting information.

Are my conversations with the AI private? 

Ecosia Chat is powered by OpenAI. We don't share your personal data such as your IP address with OpenAI, but the information you share in the chat will be sent to OpenAI. Please do not share personal information or sensitive data via the chat.

We don't store any personal information but we may store your chat queries in order to improve our service. Your chat data will be stored in OpenAI's database for up to 30 days. OpenAI will only access your chat data to resolve issues, and recover conversations with your permission, or if required by law. Data from your chats will not be used to train the OpenAI model.

Can I delete my chat history?

Your chat history is saved locally in your browser so that you can continue your conversations. You can delete your chat history at any time below. You can find out more via Ecosia's Privacy Policy or OpenAI's Privacy Policy.

Is generative AI sustainable?

We have estimated the carbon footprint of our AI chatbot and according to our first estimates it does not significantly increase the overall carbon footprint of Ecosia. The estimate takes into account that Ecosia searches are already 200% carbon negative,as we produce twice as much energy as is consumed by our search engine. We are currently working with two universities to refine our carbon footprint assessment.

Unfortunately the more important issue is that the leading language AI model providers are still not transparent about the energy consumption of their models, so without this clarity we can only make rough estimations of our impact.  We will continue to monitor our energy usage and urge leading AI companies to do the same and be transparent about their impact. 

Can I turn off Ecosia Chat?

At the moment Ecosia Chat is not customizable and cannot be turned off individually. If you are not clicking on the tab, Ecosia Chat is not active.

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