The global counter

The Ecosia global tree counter on our homepage shows how many trees have been planted across our portfolio of projects. It’s not just an estimate, but instead shows the total sum of trees that we know are in the ground. 

How it works

When we sign a contract with a partner we tentatively add the total number of trees involved to our portfolio’s total. We monitor our partner’s progress over time and ensure that we only include trees in our counter that we can account for and know will survive long term.  

On average we plant 48,000 trees per day. In reality, some days a lot more trees are planted and other days less. This is because tree planting is usually a seasonal activity which is not spread evenly throughout the year. 

The total number of trees we have contracted to plant with our partners is always higher than what the tree counter shows. So if the tree counter displays 180,000,000 trees, you can be sure that the total tree number of trees we have financed and plan to plant is much higher. 

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