Monthly project updates

Here you can find the latest updates from projects across our global portfolio. Each month we share stories and images for you to use to keep employees engaged and informed about their impact with Ecosia. 

In this article you can find:

Overview of Ecosia

Ecosia is the world’s largest not-for-profit search engine. We dedicate 100% of our profits to climate action and our mission is to create simple ways for people to be climate active every day.

Over the past 10+ years our team of reforestation experts has planted over 180 million trees across the planet’s biodiversity hotspots and beyond! We plant native trees that don’t just remove CO2; they protect water sources, fight desertification, regenerate soil to increase food security, protect endangered animals and uplift local communities. 

We have one of the largest and most diverse tree-planting portfolios in the world. At the moment we work with over 70 partners in more than 35 countries and are planting in over 50,000 locations, primarily in the planet’s biodiversity hotspots. 

We work with a wide variety of partners of different size and capacity. We support large projects and help them to scale, but also test new approaches at smaller tree-planting organizations too. This means we can share exciting updates with you and highlight a range of activities across our global portfolio of projects. 

The project updates we provide here each month are selected stories from our portfolio and we have the right to claim the trees as our own and that they have been "planted by Ecosia”. If you are using Ecosia as your company’s default search engine you cannot claim to support these projects directly or claim the trees as your own, but you can share these examples with your colleagues to show the impact of using Ecosia.

Please ensure that you follow our comms guidelines and credit Ecosia for all images and trees planted. 

Comms guidelines

  1. The images and text provided in our monthly updates is intended for internal communications only and should not be shared externally without permission from the Ecosia team. To request to use any images or text externally, please send an email to
  2. Credit to Ecosia must always be given for any images used
  3. Images must always be captioned with the specific project’s name

Here is a good example of how to share an update in an internal newsletter:

This month our company’s searches on Ecosia have helped to plant trees across Ecosia's diverse range of projects. Like in Colombia, where together with their partner PUR, Ecosia planted trees next to coffee crops to help restore degraded land and offer local communities an alternative to unsustainable livestock farming practices. Find out more about the impact of your Ecosia searches on the Ecosia blog and Youtube channel.

Project Updates 

Download our project updates and photos from the field here.

Visit the financial reports to see the full list of projects that we support each month. You can also visit the tree pages on the Ecosia blog and our YouTube channel for more information about each country were planting in.

Follow us on: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, and TikTok for regular updates! 

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