Advertising with Google ads on Ecosia

Are you looking to grow your business and expand your reach to a climate-active audience? Look no further - advertising on Ecosia is the perfect way to get noticed by people who are actively invested in climate solutions.

Place ads with Google Ads

Before you can place an ad on Ecosia, you need to create a Google ads account to start placing ads within the network. The set up process is straightforward and the programme takes you through all steps to create an advertising campaign.

Google Ads Help offers easy to follow instructions on set up and basics of Google ads, ad management and results monitoring. On Google skillshop various online courses about Google ads are available.

Get your website listed on Ecosia within Google markets

If you want your website to be listed in Ecosia‚Äôs results we recommend building your website suitable for SEO. You can find out more about Google's recommendations for search engine optimization (SEO).
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