Search features

Ecosia has many search features designed to make it as easy as possible for you to find the answers to your queries. Check out our list of exciting features below, along with example queries so you can see the features for yourself.

Please note that the features listed below may not be available in all markets.

Feature Example queries
🧮 Calculator 2+2, 128*24, 15/3
💸 Currency Conversion 100 eur to usd, 20 pound to canadian dollars
✈️ Flights flights from london to vancouver
🗺️ Maps 5 avenue anatole france
📐 Measurements 1 inch to cm, 2 cups to grams
🌐 My IP my IP address
🏛️ Points of Interests restaurants in berlin, things to do in new york
🕒 Timezone time in tokyo, utc+1, usa time
🗣️ Translation trees in spanish, kartoffel in english
☀️ Weather berlin weather, amsterdam weather
🔤 Word Definitions define ambiguity, define environmentalist
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