Green features

Our mission at Ecosia is not just about enabling you to plant trees with your searches — it’s about helping you make more informed decisions for the climate in your everyday life. We make it easier for you to be climate-active while navigating the many claims made by governments and companies around the world.

The green leaf icon

Organizations highlighted with the green leaf aren't ads or paid results. Their sole purpose is to help you make smarter, more sustainable choices. 

We do not pick each organization that gets a green leaf ourselves. This feature relies on credible external data sources. Our current data set contains information from these organizations:

Organizations with the green leaf must have an accreditation of one of the listed organizations. We aim to update our data set bi-annual. 

Picture example of green leaf icon Patagonia

The fossil fuel icon

Organizations highlighted with the fossil fuel icon are companies that are still promoting the expansion of coal mining and fossil fuels. This feature relies on credible external data sources:

Picture of fossil icon example RWE

The Climate Pledge rating

This rating shows our evaluation of a company’s publicly available response to the climate crisis, such as a pledge to reduce or offset emissions. The rating takes into account the credibility and ambition of these pledges, and their implications for global warming. To make the rating clear, we have given each response a grade on a scale of A–F, which you can see next to your search results. 

The analysis is made in a collaborative approach of the Technical University Berlin and Ecosia, evaluating the most-searched companies on 

Picture showing example of climate pledge rating with amazon D and Microsoft B

If you want to find out more about this feature, please see the in-depth article about the climate pledge rating on our help center.

The environmental impact of countries

195 countries committed in 2015 to the Paris Agreement to contain global warming to 1.5°C. It is important to hold governments accountable. Ecosia users can easily see if a specific country is on track.

The climate impact of a country is rated based on the global temperature rise in relation to the current government targets. Our data source is the climate action tracker.

Picture of country rating feature with example Morooco and Germany

The Environmental Impact of countries is currently only available on desktop

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