We monitor trees for at least three years, by which point the planted sapling is usually robust enough to survive long term. To monitor our trees we use a combination of remote sensing, satellite technology, geo-tagged photo evidence, and field visits. 

Every tree-planting partner we work with must meet our high standards of reporting to give us confidence that your trees are planted and thriving.

Our partners use a mobile app called Akvo upload data directly from the field and the nurseries. Including information on tree species, the number of trees in each field to enable us to monitor tree density over time. We are also working with a satellite imaging service to provide images of some of the planting sites at an incredible 50 cm resolution.

In addition to actually planting the trees and making sure they survive, it is also essential to ensure that there is no incentive to cut them down. We integrate this approach into every project from day one. 

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