How do I save my settings?

Ecosia uses cookies to remember which settings you choose. For example, your choice of language, search region and even the number of your personal impact counter. Deleting your cookies will reset Ecosia’s settings.This article explains how to make sure Ecosia stays the way you want it to be.

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Why did my cookies get deleted?

There are multiple reasons why cookies your cookies may be getting deleted: 

  • You’re deleting them when you clear your browser history
  • You’re surfing in incognito mode
  • Your anti-virus software routinely deletes cookies
  • Your browser may delete cookies each time it is closed

Save your Ecosia settings permanently

Most browsers offer the option to allow selected websites to store cookies. Here are some instructions for the most common browsers you can use Ecosia with. 

Select your browser:

For other browsers you can try the following steps:

  1. Open the settings of your browser, go to the section about cookies and history (usually in advanced settings) and choose manage exceptions. 
  2. Add in the empty field on the left and save or click or done. 
  3. Go to your Ecosia settings in the Ecosia Menu in the top right corner and choose your preferred settings. 
  4. Click save, to permanently save your Ecosia settings!

Feel free to read our privacy policy for better understanding Ecosia’s use of cookies.

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