Personalized ads

How Personalized Ads work

If you chose to turn on the option for personalised Ads, we will share a limited amount of additional data with our search and advertising partners. This allows our partners to better identify the advertisements which will be of relevance to your search query and hopefully of interest to you.

The more relevant an advertisement is to your interests, the more likely it is you will wish to click on it. The revenue we need to plant trees comes from those ad clicks - the more relevant the ads, the more revenue we can generate for tree planting.

The extra data is limited and you always have the option to turn off the setting if you prefer. The additional data is your full IP address and approximate location. This will only be used by our trusted partners and not shared with any other third parties.

Putting you in control of your data

Ecosia values privacy and believes our users should always be in control of how much data is shared and for which purposes. Just like our option for Personalised Search results, the option for Personalized Ads is set to off by default and it honours your Do Not Track preference. It is always under your control to turn it on or off as you wish through the Settings page.

Is this an option for everyone?

Personalized Ads is an option which is selectively available in only certain countries for the moment. As with everything we do, we want to make sure it delivers the value promised and contributes positively to our tree planting. We'll be assessing the option and, if successful, making it available for more countries in the future.

To further support our mission and help plant more trees, go to Settings and tick the box to turn on personalized ads.

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