Tree-planting partner contracts

We partner with already established tree-planting organizations across the globe. Each partner is thoroughly assessed across a range of criteria including the number of trees, diversity of tree species and the impact on the local community.

When we decide to finance a tree-planting project, a contract is drawn between the two parties, either as a service provision agreement, a loan agreement or as an equity investment. With new partners we begin by investing small sums to ensure that they meet our standards of reporting. However, it is always the aim to scale every project if this is what will benefit the local people. 

Service Provision Agreement is an agreement between Ecosia and its partner in which both parties jointly stipulate how many trees the partner will plant for us and at what price. We pay the partner for their tree planting services, and in turn Ecosia owns the claim to the trees planted.

A Loan Agreements is an agreement between Ecosia and its partner in which we give them a loan to execute a tree planting project. This loan is paid  back according to an agreed timeframe.

Ecosia Accelerator 

We are looking for tree planting projects that generate an income that can be partially or fully reinvested to plant more trees. To determine if we can work together, please fill this application form

At the end of the survey you'll have the opportunity to attach any additional information that might support your application.

Please note that carbon credit projects cannot be considered

For more information, please download our pitch deck.

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