Choosing partners

We go through an extensive screening process. Ecosia has a team of tree-planting experts managed by the Chief Tree Planting Officer, Pieter Van Midwoud. Watch this Q&A to hear Pieter answer some of our user’s most frequently asked questions. 

Local partners. Ecosia partners with already established tree-planting organizations across the globe. Each partner is thoroughly assessed across a range of criteria including the number of trees, diversity of tree species and the impact on the local community. 

We work with projects where trees benefitting nature and people. When a project focuses on people, we expect local communities to benefit from the trees directly, for example when the trees are planted on their land. We prioritize projects in biodiversity hotspots, or areas which hold particularly high numbers of unique species. These locations face extreme threats, hold at least 1,500 species of endemic plants and have been diminished by at least 70 percent. 

We select projects where we can maximize our impact. Ideally, our project partners have the capacity to plant over 500,000 trees per year, and are able to monitor your trees on the ground. We start with small contracts and aim for establishing long term relationships with partners. 

We are interested in innovative projects. We are also keen on projects that make use of innovative planting approaches to scale tree planting and reduce costs, and are always open to new ideas. We are also interested in investment projects that are scalable and socially sustainable.

If you work for a tree-planting organization and what to work with us. Please see this guide and find out how to apply! 

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