Switching your organization to Ecosia

Across the globe, organizations, universities, schools, councils and hospitals are switching their default search engine to Ecosia to be climate-active every day.

This is all thanks to motivated employees that want to make an environmental change at their workplace. We really appreciate your support in encouraging the organization you work at to use Ecosia. We have plenty of resources to help you persuade your organization to make the switch.

The most common way for a large organization to set Ecosia as the default search engine for employees is by using a Windows group policy. We have technical guides which explain this process for Chrome, Firefox and Edge

For some* organizations switching over at least 2,000 computers, we're able to track how many trees employees help us plant and can provide a monthly tree-report. 

Due to our strict privacy policy we’re sadly not able to provide a tree-tracking service for small organizations, but you can still make the switch to Ecosia and help support our tree-planting projects by following our technical guides. Or you can simply send an email to your colleagues, explaining what Ecosia is and sharing stories from our tree-planting projects on the Ecosia Blog and YouTube channel.

If you are part of a large organization that is considering setting Ecosia as the default for more than 2,000 devices, please register your interest by following this link.

The Ecosia for organizations page contains resources to help you encourage your organization to use Ecosia, including a detailed guide and corporate engagement pack.

*Ecosia reserves the right not to provide tracking for organizations which do not pass our due diligence review e.g. organizations with ties to the fossil fuel industry.

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